Radeo Podcast,
Season 1,

#17 RadEO with Conor Neill from Vistage Spain

December 19, 2018

In this episode of RadEO, Ross talks to Conor Neill, the president of Vistage Spain. They talk about how you are a vehicle for a project and one should realise your own potential and purpose. Finding meaning in suffering can help in not losing sight of your full strength. Conor gives his 3 top ways to communicating effectively and understanding others around you by asking them what fulfilment looks like. We are all encouraged by enthusiasm, and Conor suggests putting enthusiasm into everything we do.

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About Conor –

Conor is a sought-after keynote speaker on resilient leadership. He is President of Vistage Spain, part of the world’s leading CEO organisation.  As an entrepreneur, he has founded 5 companies, selling 16 private jets and building the 3rd largest fleet of private jets in Spain. He teaches leadership at IESE Business School and is a visiting professor at University College Dublin.  Conor can help you sell a private jet, or how to get the resources to build anything else that you truly believe in.  Conor is a member of EO Barcelona (since 2005). Conor gave the closing keynote at EO Global Leadership Conference in Athens back in 2014 and will be delivering a keynote at the upcoming EO One Level Up event in Barcelona. More at http://conorneill.com

Show notes-

00:44 – Conor’s elevator pitch

09:38 – Unlocking your own potential and realising your purpose

13:20 – Finding meaning in suffering

20:21 – Not losing sight of your full strength and potential

22:05 – Communicating effectively

26:05 – We are encouraged by others enthusiasm

32:50 – Nothing worthwhile is within your comfort zone

35:00 – When your core is clear you’re not seeking after the opinions of others

37:13 – Ask people around who want they need to be fulfilled

40:20 – Sometimes it’s easy for us to give to others, what’s easy for us to give

43:40 – Allow your intuition to tell you what are the things that are important to you

44:37 – Write down your purpose

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