Radeo Podcast,
Season 1,

#19 RadEO with Ross Drakes and Ronen Aires

January 30, 2019

Last, in the mini-series on leadership lessons from the GLA. In this episode of RadEO, Ross and Ronen share their thoughts on leadership. They discuss the five things great leaders do. Including creating a high level of discipline and daily practices such as setting a positive mindset at the beginning of the day.

More about Ronen Aires-
He’s an entrepreneur, a youth specialist, public speaker and general lover of life. Ronen Aires is the founder and CEO of Student Village, wone of the country’s most successful student marketing Companies.

Ronen left the corporate world 18 years ago to start Student Village. He chairs and supports a number of entrepreneurial programs and is a huge supporter of youth development.
Acknowledged as a passionate, Ronen believes in the importance of fostering creativity, strategic thought and consistent delivery. Out of the office, he is also a father, an activist and a trail junkie.

Find Ronen’s business here –

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