Radeo Podcast,
Season 2,

#20 RadEO with Jason Goldberg from Edge Growth

February 06, 2019

In this episode of RadEO, Ross talks to Jason Goldberg, the Co-founder of Edge Growth and Founder of 10X-e. Jason shares why his company’s mission drives him and his staff. They discuss what economic challenges entrepreneurs could encounter in the next year and Jason shares his thoughts on how to balance the needs of a startup inside a mature organisation.

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About Jason –

Jason Goldberg is the founder of 10X-e, and he also co-founded Edge Growth and Vumela Fund.

Since starting his career at Bain and Co. and later as a corporate strategist, Jason has spent the last 12 years’ investing in, starting, scaling, advising, accelerating, and sitting on boards of high potential ventures in the R5m – R2bn turnover range. Jason brings his unique mix of experiences as an experienced investor, entrepreneur, strategist and his passion for growing business leaders to help leadership teams to scale themselves as leaders, build scalable teams with scalable cultures, and scale their businesses (operations, systems, boards).

Jason’s specialisations are growth strategy and scaling organisations after the Accelerator stage – helping teams navigate the most complex stage of building a business: transitioning from a start-up to a scaled enterprise.

Show notes-

00:30 – Jason’s elevator pitch

01:09 – How did Jason end up scaling businesses?

06:40 – Has the mission of addressing poverty changed for you?

08:00 – How do you turn your mission into a daily or weekly thing?

09:15 – Would you not hire someone if they weren’t aligned with your mission?

11:30 – Work versus personal life

12:55 – Have you ever realise that you’ve solved a problem for a client but never thought about it for yourself?

14:50 – What economic challenges do you see coming within the next year?

17:30 – Jason’s take on innovation

21:55 – The balance between a startup and a mature organisation

29:30 – Jason’s scaling up course

32:30 – Why did you join EO, and what have you learnt from EO?

40:17 – What does Jason’s 2019 look like?

– RadEO is a podcast for Entrepreneurs by Entrepreneurs. It is hosted by Ross Drakes and Rich Mulholland and produced by the Entrepreneurs Organisation in South Africa. Tune in every 2 weeks to hear conversations with business owners who will share their experiences and stories of what they have learnt building their business and what drives them to keep going.

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