Radeo Podcast,
Season 2,

#21 RadEO with Earl Smith from Volunteer SA

February 22, 2019

In this episode of RadEO, Ross talks to Earl Smith, the founder of Volunteer SA. They talk “Voluntourism” and getting people to volunteer in Africa and have the experience of a lifetime.  Earl chats about the inspiring and frustrating side of social media and he shares his thoughts and experiences with leadership challenges.

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More about Earl –

Having started Volunteer Southern Africa in 2008, they have had much success in growing their passion into what is one of the largest and most certainly well known and trusted volunteering business in South Africa.

Responsible for management, strategy, improvements, marketing, business development. Brand development, web site traffic growth, web site UI and advertising revenue. Developed brand strategy and statistics systems. Forming partnerships and co-operation with regional conservation facilities as well as volunteer/travel agencies across the globe.

He has a degree in electrical engineering, school at Carmel School in Pretoria, and matriculated in 1995. He has managed the Lion Park from 2008 until 2012. He saw a gap in the market and started marketing the Lion Park as a wildlife volunteer destination. From there, the business grew and it came time to put on his “big girl panties” and go with it alone.

Volunteer SA

Show Notes –

00:42 – Earl’s elevator pitch

01:44 – How did you find your passion and end up in this industry?

02:32 – The business model of Volunteer SA

06:30 – “Voluntourism”

08:10 – What does purpose mean to Earl?

10:30 – Applying your vision to your staff

12:58 – The inspiring and frustrating side of Social Media

17:32 – How do you catch your crowd?

20:50 – When did you start Volunteer SA?

22:24 – Howard Mann’s ‘Your Business Brickyard’

25:30 – Earl’s tips for taking on a business partner

28:20 – Marketing your business

31:15 – Leadership Challenges

33:20 – What does Earl’s 2019 look like?

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